Hello/Bonjour!  Welcome to The Vicarious Traveler.  You see the tagline at the top of the page “Your Definitive Source for Refined Canadian Travel”?  That’s the Mission Statement.  The Vicarious Traveler is a resource for people looking for upscale, refined travel in Canada.  Why ‘Vicarious’?  That’s easy.  As you’re reading this site, you’re traveling vicariously through us.  But only until you check out these destinations too.  And once you have, come back and share your experiences with us.  By sending us an email – travel (at) thevicarioustraveler (dot) com, by using the comment form at the bottom of any of the articles, by posting to our Facebook Page or by Tweeting us.  And be sure to Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter because we’ll be updating live from the road when we’re one the road.

This isn’t going to be  your typical ‘adventure’ travel blog either.  While we love adventure travel and being outdoors, we’re going to address an audience that we feel is underserved in the current environment.  That’s the more, for lack of a better word, refined traveler.  The traveler who prefers to stay in a nice boutique hotel or a well appointed B&B.  The traveler who likes to eat in good restaurants – not necessarily expensive, but good; the gastronome.  The traveler who likes to take in various cultural and arts festivals and events as a part of their travel plan.  We’ll have articles on quick ‘Weekend Getaways’ as well as articles on longer vacation-type travel.

Here at TVT, we’re going to concentrate mostly on travel within Canada.  There will be the odd article or article series on travel in other countries but mostly it’ll be about the wonderful travel opportunities available in Canada.

We’ll also have what we call ‘Quick Hits’.  Quick Hits are things we find in our day to day meanderings that we think readers might like to know about too.  A really good coffee shop or restaurant.  An interesting antique shop, for example.  Conversely, if we find a place that isn’t so good we’ll let you know that as well.  We’ll be more likely to Tweet those or post them to Facebook rather than write full length articles about them so there’s another reason to follow us on Twitter and Like us on FB.  We’re not just going to bring you ‘travel brochure’ commentary or places either.  We’ll provide positive commentary where warranted but we’ll let you know if there are things to look out for too.  When it comes to food, we’ll try to find you some lesser known, hidden gems that will make for a really good eating experience. Service quality is big for us so we’ll also devote space to talking about the quality of service we receive.

We’re not going to just have articles with a few snapshot photos either.  The driving force behind TVT is professional photographer and writer Robert Fisher.  Expect high quality writing and high quality photography.  There will be video to accompany some of the articles as well.  We also plan to dig a little further behind the scenes.  We’ll have interviews with chefs, hoteliers, B&B owners and event organisers to give you some extra insight into the places, events and food we write about. In short, we’re going to bring you fun and informative articles. Click on the Articles tab at the top of the page to get started. And thanks for visiting.

If you’d like to be kept up to date and notified when new articles are posted, it’s really easy.  Just fill out the subscription form and we’ll send you an email notifying you that a new article is published.  We won’t send any other spam or annoying messages, just notifications of new articles.

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