Ship Luggage to Reduce Travel Hassle

This is the first post in a new category called ‘Travel Tips’.  What we’ll try to do is give you little hints or tips on things you can do to make your travel experience as pleasant as possible.

Dealing with luggage at an airport can be very stressful.  Handing it off at the check in counter you often wonder if it’ll come out at your destination in one piece.  Or even if it’ll arrive at your destination.  Waiting for luggage to come off the plane, it always seems like your bag is the last one off.  Dealing with luggage carts, getting it in and out of taxis is a hassle.  Now that most airlines are charging for luggage no matter how big or heavy it’s also adding cost to the trip.

Consider shipping your luggage to your destination.  Most hotels will accept shipments for clients who are checking in within the next day or so.  You can work with a shipper to time the delivery properly.  Call ahead to your hotel to be sure.

Shipping luggage has a cost, yes.  But depending on the baggage costs of the airline the cost to ship may not be much different.  Shipping allows you to travel with just a small carry on, making the airport experience much shorter and less stressful.  It’s a trick that photographers have used for years to get their gear to a destination and not have to worry about airport baggage handlers or excess baggage charges.  It’s just a much more refined way to travel.



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